What kind of sushi rolls to choose? Those who prefer Salmon - should pay attention to Philadelphia and Alaska with sesame , or more contemporary rolls, such as - Majestic Salmon with shrimp tempura, salmon, arugula, sweet sauce wasabi and unagi sauce and topping of red or green onions. If you like spicy rolls - the ideal choice is Salmon Dynamite with slightly roasted salmon sauce and Kaori Schichimi with chilli. Also Salmon is combined in other rolls, such as Canadian Roll with eel B.B.Q. Very tasty roll - Incredible Rainbow perfectly combines tuna, See Bass, Salmon, Avocado, shrimp tempura with sauce Jalapeno Aioli and Teriyaki-Balsamic. We can offer also  Alas California Roll with crab meat and salmon. You should try Tempura Roll Georgeos with sea bass, salmon and Tobiko or Tempura Roll Veggie c vegetables - if you like hot rolls. With eel roll is also worth to try Green Caterpilar with avocado and Tobiko or classic Unagi Roll with sesame, and, of course. Try the classic roll with shrimp Ebi-Q&Tobiko, as one of ingridients shrimp is included in such rolls as Majestic Salmon, Dynamite Salmon.

Whatever  roll you choose - it will pleasantly surprise you with freshness of products and the perfect combination of tastes.

If you would like to enjoy the diversity of Japanese food - you should select one of 3 great assortment.

All in One

Appetizer, Yakitori Skewers, Sushi, Sushi Rolls. Salmon Pinchos 6, Seared Duck Breast on a Salad Leaf 2, Spicy Sashimi Tuna 4. Crispy Shrimp Skewers 2, Yakitori Skewers 2, Beef Skewers 2 .Nigiri Salmon, Shrimp, Sea bass 2 each

Roll Lovers 

Ebi-Q 4, Alaska 4 , Spicy Red Caterpillar 8, Caterpillar with Eel 8, Tempura Roll - Gorgeous 8